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Zealot Readers Gives Rainbow Panda and the Firecracker Fiasco a great review!


Rainbow Panda and the Firecracker Fiasco

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Author: Eileen Wacker

Illustrator: Alan M. Low

Part 6 of Fujimini Adventure Series

Rainbow Panda and the Firecracker Fiasco, set in the imaginary Fujimini island is a fun filled, colourful and meaningful little story for kids.

New year is round the corner and the the celebrations are about to begin. Naughty little Rainbow Panda has a mischievous plan for the new year celebration. He asks his two friends to help him with the plan. Though one of them is reluctant, they still help him. Everything is fine, but suddenly, there is this firecracker fiasco. Oops! Do read the book to find out what exactly happens.

The book is a great big package of many things that a tiny tot might need. It comes along with a healthy moral. There is a reference of healthy diet. Also, of the culture of celebration. And, of course, a happy ending. At the end of the book, there is a “Glossary of “Chic” Asian Associations” that has a small list of new terms that are special and specific to the Asian culture, like the Taekwondo, the origin of Tea, Sushi, Noodles and much more. These do not have much relevance with the story, but are good for knowledge in general.The beautiful illustrations on each page are the best thing this book could have. A cute story accompanied with wonderful pictures is going to make sure, the book (and the series) goes a long way and becomes a big hit in its genre.

A real big thumps up for Rainbow Panda and the Firecracker Fiasco.

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