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Why Every Child Can Relate to ‘Green Hamster and the Quest For Fun’

For children, summertime means swimming, exploring the outdoors, trying new things and most of all- lots of adventure.

This is something that Green Hamster from Eileen Wacker’s Fujimini Adventure Series can certainly relate to. Green Hamster’s eagerness to explore, restlessness, and determination to have fun not only makes him a cute and likable character, but also a representation of many children out there. One of the most admirable qualities in a child is his or her eagerness and curiosity, but we all know that sometimes that can get them into some trouble! In his quest for fun, Green Hamster is no different.

The first installment of the Fujimini Adventure Series is a great book for summer because it is relatable, funny, and will have kids ready for their own adventure. And like the other books in the series, a small but important lesson is integrated into the story as well.

A summary of the book:

Energetic and restless Green Hamster becomes bored with the daily activities of him and his other hamster friends and he becomes convinced that all the other animals on Fujimini Island are having way more fun. So he sets off seeking a day filled with adventure and excitement. His goal of his quest is to find which group of animals have the most fun on the Island, but meets some unexpected challenges along the way. Who do you think he decides has the most fun on the Island?

This book is available in print, for the kindle, or as an animated book.

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