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Weekly Lunchbox #4

By: Kate Camillo

First month of school is almost over! Is everyone settled in? I know little ones usually start a little bit later than normal, at least that’s how it is where I am from. Are our routines working? Are we finding time to relax and bond with our kids in between school and work? Some things to ask ourselves because any habit we’ve picked up this month is most likely going to become routine after this month! I hope everyone’s enjoying these snack plans whether you stick to them completely, or just get inspiration from them. It’s been fun for me to find new snacks and revisit some old favorites. Let’s get down to business!

Monday:I’m feeling something fun for Monday, but also something healthy. We’re gonna go with strawberry ladybugs. I know what you’re thinking. What the heck are strawberry ladybugs? Don’t worry, I got you. The ingredients are pretty simple; strawberries, blueberries, and dark chocolate. You’ll also need a candy decorating bag for this one. First step is removing the top of the strawberries by cutting a small V in the top, which is where our ladybug “heads” are going to go. Then you’re going to cut the strawberries in half, lengthwise. The next step entails melting the chocolate and putting small dots on the strawberries. You also want to use the chocolate to attach the “heads”. Put some chocolate on the top of the strawberry and stick a blueberry on there. Draw a line down the center of the strawberry and Let the chocolate harden and you have a cute ladybug!

Tuesday:For Tuesday, I want to give you guys another fruity snack. This one is cute too, just like those little ladybugs. I think apple cookies are a good idea for Tuesday or any day this week honestly. I’m sure what I’m referring to is not what first popped into your head when you read apple cookies. Don’t worry I’m not going to have you bake cookies from scratch on a Monday night to get them prepared for Tuesday. The prep time for this snack is super short. All you’re going to do is cut and apple the long way, not into wedges, and throw some peanut butter and chocolate chips on them. That’s it. Simple and easy. They look cute and they taste great. Your child doesn’t like peanut butter? Drizzle some caramel or chocolate on there and it’s just as good.

Wednesday:Let’s keep Wednesday pretty simple. Make your own chex mix anyone? Throw a handful of all your kids favorites in a bag and call it a day. Pretzels, Goldfish, cheez-its, mini cookies, really anything you have you can mix in a bag. The prep time for this is so small and it’s super easy.

Thursday:This one requires a little bit of baking, but multipurpose baking. This snack could be eaten for breakfast, for a snack at school, a snack at home, dessert, the opportunities are endless. I’m talking about mini muffins. Mini muffins are great; chocolate chip, blueberry, banana nut, you can make whatever your little heart desires. A batch will last you a couple days and you have breakfast and snack covered. It’s perfect!

Friday:This snack is a little more average, but you can spice it up. I know I’ve mentioned it once before, but there are so many ways to make it different. I am a firm believer in pretzels. Mini pretzels; awesome. Soft pretzels; awesome. Pretzels dipped in something; awesome. Pretzel nuggets; awesome. I personally think pretzels dipped in something is fun spin on this common snack. Pack your child some mini pretzel sticks and a fun dipping option. Melted chocolate is a great option, frosting, caramel, really anything goes well with pretzels.

So that’s my lunchbox plan this week, trust me this is an absolute lifesaver. It is so nice having all my days planned. I know what I need to buy, I am prepared for what I need to make and how long it is going to take me to pack lunches the night before. I save the things that take a little bit longer for the nights I have more time. It’s great. Planning snacks help me reduce a little bit of the week’s stress and I am all about that. Come back next week for another plan! Let me know if you have any suggestions for upcoming weeks, let’s all work together moms to battle snack time!