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Video Game Advantage for Kids: Video Games = Good? (Part 4 of 6)

By: Kate Camillo

Welcome back, I hope you are enjoying your summer and having fun with your children! We’ve talked about

Last but not least, video games help kids make friends! They play online with each other; they can use a new game as a topic of conversation, and they can play against each other. Sometimes children have a hard time making friends because of a lack of similar interest or connection. Through video games, children interact with others playing games they are passionate about. Video games are worldwide; your child is potentially interacting with others from different countries and learning about those cultures. (Rewind to last week). While competing and working as teams, children are bonding and becoming friends. Children look forward to not only playing the game, but playing with their friends. It kills two birds with one stone. Video games provide friendship for kids, along with the dozens of other benefits!

We are deep in this series and it just keeps getting better and better. Check back next week for more. Thanks for reading and keep on playing!