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Video Game Advantage for Kids: Video Games = Good? (Part 2 of 6)

By: Kate Camillo

Welcome back! If you are new, we are in the middle of a series about why video games are actually good for your children!

Practice makes perfect, that’s why kids spend a huge chunk of time playing games. They are trying to perfect their moves or reach the next level. Often times, in multiplayer games, players will have to work together to complete the mission to upgrade to new gear or unlock a new item. Your kids are using teamwork and goal setting together to conquer the game. Video games open kids’ eyes to the realization that they can achieve what they once thought was impossible, using practice, hard work, and a little creative thinking.

Self expression can be a HUGE challenge for children as they don’t have many outlets; sometimes there are restrictions on how they can express themselves in public settings like school. Through video games they can express their inner beings, whether it be through the look of the character or through the design of the game. As a parent, one thing that is important is that your children loves themselves and is able to project who they are so they do not feel stifled.

Luckily, self-expression is a huge part of video games! Especially if we are talking about Sims or any other character based game. “Modding” is a term that describes modifying something in the game. This can include how something looks or how something behaves, depending on the game. Kids can pick their avatar and change its clothes and hair. They can customize their tools of choice and most of these tools come from upgrades which they get how? By achieving their goals! See it all ties together to make video games this wonderful little ball of benefits! Modding is a great way for kids to express themselves and it also helps them understand the game better. Video games allow for a new way of highlighting personalities and interests among children.

Come back next week for our post on how video games help kids develop more of an interest in history and culture, a topic we hold very dear to our hearts here at Fujimini Island!