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Turn Your Smartphone Into a Polaroid Camera With This New Case

Most phone cases are designed and purposed for protection or fashion, but small French startup company Prynt had something else in mind with their new phone case design. They have developed a case that instantly turns your smartphone into a polaroid camera after working on it for almost an entire year. The design works by sending the photo to the case via Bluetooth and then immediately printing it by heating paper filled with ink.

Their current version takes only 50 seconds to turn the digital photo into a printed picture and holds one piece of paper at a time. But Prynt is not settling, they say they plan on developing a model that can hold 10-30 pieces of paper at one time and print the picture within 30 seconds! To make this possible, they will have to come up with a design that has better hardware integration and a direct physical connection between the phone and case.

Prynt CEO Clement Perrot says the case will only cost $99 when it is made available early next year and will be able to support all phones with a $4.x inch screens. So if you are looking for a Christmas present or birthday present for someone who loves taking and printing pictures than this is the perfect gift for them! Preorder it for a Christmas surprise and it will be available for use in early 2015.

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