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The Moms Code: YouTube Channels That Provide Child-Friendly Programming

Long gone are the days of kids asking to watch their favorite TV show since YouTube has become the new go-to place for kids who want to watch any video content. And with hundreds of thousands of videos being uploaded every minute to that site, there are plenty of channels out there for your little ones to watch.

If your children love any kind of adorable animals, then you want to have them follow The Houston Zoo’s channel on YouTube. This channel releases new videos every week of the amazing animals they have at the zoo.

From videos of the zoo celebrating one of their elephants turning 50 to introducing their new baby Madagascar Big Headed Turtles and every kind of animal in between, there are endless hours of content for your kids to enjoy! Now you get to visit the zoo without even leaving home by watching The Houston Zoo’s channel.


Get your kids to sing and dance along with the YouTube Channel Super Simple Songs. Have your kids explore new songs and nursery rhymes with adorable animation and puppet friends that the channel features.

These simple songs include “Sitting On The Potty” to “Here Is The Beehive” to teach kids in a fun and exciting way. And with over 15,000,000 subscribers, you know that this is a trusted channel for parents to use. Have your little ones enjoy themselves and be creative by joining in on the fun that Super Simple Songs provides.



The incredible National Geographic company has released a YouTube channel for young learners called National Geographic Kids. This channel features animals, cool science facts, and much more interesting content that is perfect for any child that is curious about the world and the creatures in it!

From craft videos, like how to make a t-shirt tote, to learning about lions, this channel has everything! And with over 43,000,000 views and new content uploaded twice a week, you know there will always be something for your little ones to watch. So let your kids have fun online while learning new things with National Geographic Kids!


Baby Einstein’s YouTube channel is all about allowing your baby to grow by being curious. That is why their channel features many lullabies and nursery rhymes in classic tunes to get your child’s brain stimulated. There are also many great videos of fun and easy craft ideas for little ones to do and even creative ways for parents to track their baby’s milestones.

Baby Einstein has over 259,000,000 views from all of their videos so far, meaning that there have already been hundreds of hours watched by kids. So let your baby’s brain get the stimulation it needs by watching Baby Einstein’s videos.


A fan-favorite TV channel that kids love to watch now has its own YouTube channel. Nickelodeon releases new content every day on their account. And some of the content they are releasing includes full episodes of their shows as well as original content just for their YouTube channel.

Nickelodeon also releases exclusive web series for kids on their channel, with their popular shows including The JoJo & BowBow Show Show, Inside Nick, and Nia Sioux’s Slumber Party. Find all of your favorite Nick shows and more with their YouTube Channel.