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Oh, the Places They Can Go

Tina O’Reilly

Guest Blogger

Children need to develop the ability to read for survival in school and adult life. Children need to learn about new subjects and read helpful information, including academic research, consumer products, and medical information. If a child doesn’t learn to read, he/she won’t be able to absorb written information easily.

With the birth of the internet, came endless opportunities for reading. At one-time there was a perception the internet would be the death of books. Thankfully that prediction proved wrong. The internet is an enormous source of information and data, but hasn’t replaced the connection a child has while reading a physical book.

Children reading can be an exciting activity. Children experience joy when they delve into a new world. Pick out books on subjects they enjoy so they’ll stick around and stay engaged. They should perceive reading as a pleasurable activity rather then a chore. Books are a source of fascinating tales and useful information for the right reader.

Reading out loud to your child teaches them proper grammar. In essence, books help your child with the development of their language skills. Hearing you speak the words and phrasing aids in their development of the spoken language and soon they’ll be able to express themselves verbally.

A book, the school library and the web opens doors to so many places. Your child can learn about the earth, space, the stars, or dinosaurs. They can read about magical places with dragons and witches. Just think about the places their minds will go.

Books teach your child about places and people all over the world. They can learn about history and their heritage. Reading doesn’t need to be a solitary activity. Family members can join in the fun reading to your child and, in turn, get to share precious moments with your child. Do you have older children? Encourage them to read to your younger ones to strengthen their bonds.

Storytime at the library is a great time for your child to learn socializing skills. They can talk to other children about the story being read to them. Focus on the fun. Grab a special treat afterwards.

Reading ebooks can improve your child’s hand-eye coordination as they click through the pages. They click forward and backward, not only learning motor skills but gaining valuable computer skills. Just be careful they can only reach child-friendly sites.

Watch in amazement while your child experiences the love of reading. Books will nurture your children, and provide endless enjoyment for you too. Make the most of all the books and resources available to you and your child. Their little minds absorb information! Encourage them to reflect upon the stories as they read. Before long they’ll develop a creativity all their own.

Reading is critical for all aspects of your child’s learning. Grab a book and experience a lifetime of enjoyment.