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The Fujimini Lessons!!!

At ONCEKids, we believe there is a reader in every child and using dynamic reading approaches with children leads to a greater enjoyment and therefore a love of reading. Not every child enjoys sitting alone, reading a book. In fact, most do not. Because a child wants to experience the story, and this looks different for different children. He/she may enjoy getting to know the characters, may want to have coloring pages, or might want to read on an iPad (or other electronic device) or may want to read the same story over and over until he/she has effectively memorized it.

We have developed discussion guides for the books which include a quick synopsis, key themes and a full synopsis.

Our core belief is that good readers are good learners because you can’t learn if you can’t read!
Let’s read more and have FUN with it!

Overall Suggestions:

 1. Have a discussion after reading each story:

• What was their favorite part?
• Could they have guessed the ending? Were there
any surprises?
• Who is their favorite character in the story? Why?
• Who or what would they like the next story to be about?

2. Go to FujiminiIsland (kid’s tab on ONCEKids site). Play free      games and explore the interactive island experience. Explore the characters further and gain          excitement about the next story to come.

3. Read one of the stories on an e-reader.

4. Ask them to summarize the story from their point of view. See which elements stand out to      them. See if they are able to draw any inferences (great reading skill).

5. Ask them to find five ‘big’ or exciting words in the story and find the meaning of the
words together.

Please check our Children’s Literacy to know more about our core value, the Discussion Guides for each one of the books and our Cultural Tidbits section to get closer to the Asian references.