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So cool! Awesome kids stuff announced at CES 2019

Everyone loves fun toys, electronics and technology. Finding tech that is safe and fun for kids can be quite the task, but CES manages to pull out some seriously cool stops when it comes to kids gadgets.

Whether you’re looking for gadgets that help with the safety of your child, new techy toys, child-friendly wearables, and everything in between, there’s something at CES that’s bound to catch your eye!

Here are just some of our favorite kids gadgets announced at CES 2019!

Canon Kids Mission CameraThis DSLR-like camera is designed to be both super simple and super easy-to-use for children who are showing an early interest in photography! After your child shoots some photos, you can download them and sync them to your smartphone.

Codi BotTired of telling your kid to pick up after themselves? Well, the Codi Bot is here to sing them into doing their chores! This adorable little robot can be dressed up in different outfits and even allows you to communicate and leave voice recordings for your child, so you’re always just a button-press away.

SpecdrumsAdd a li’l rhythm into your kids’ routine and get them learning with Specdrums, a music-focused product for kids which also incorporates the STEAM learning method. Improve language and reasoning skills with a little musical help and have your kid bopping and learning in no time.

Smart DiaperYup. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Using a Bluetooth device, a sensor picks up whenever a baby has gone number one or number two, alerting their parents that a change is imminent. The Smart Diaper has been designed to combat diaper rash and eliminates the need for the dreaded ‘sniff test’.