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Six Strategies For Keeping Kids Reading This Summer

Keeping kids actively reading can prove to be a challenge during the warm summer months- but just because school is not in session doesn’t mean that reading is any less important. It’s critical for kids to practice their reading and expand their skills while they aren’t in school, but with all the distractions of summer and no classroom setting, things can get tricky. Without teachers around, parents have to play the major role of motivators and supporters of reading. Below are some easy but effective strategies Laura Colker, Ed.D., suggests parents can employ to get their kids motivated and keep them reading during the summer.

1. Be an exampleYour kids will be more likely to believe you when you say how important and fun reading is if you are doing it yourself- so read as much as possible this summer, especially in front of them. Whether it is a newspaper at breakfast or a book on the beach, leading by example will definitely increase the chances of your kids following in your footsteps and picking up a book themselves.

2. Pay a visit to your public libraryMake a weekly trip to the library a fun family outing that the kids can get excited about. Make things even more exciting by letting the kids get their own library cards. Also, check your library’s website- many libraries have child-friendly summer events and reading programs.

3. Read aloud with kidsKids are around a lot more during the summer than any other time of the year- use this extra time to bond with them over books. Read-alouds are fun pretty much no matter how old the kids get, and maybe even for parents too. Laura also reminds parents not to forget to improvise or even wear a silly hat to make the story more interesting!

4. Use books to break the boredomWithout the busy schedule and structure of school, kids need more activities to fill in the hours. Use books as a way to teach kids that reading can be a fun way to keep themselves occupied when they are bored.

5. Combine books with other activities Kids are a part of a lot of activities during the summer. Whether it is going to the beach, going to a baseball game, seeing a movie or going to the park, bring books along and encourage reading as much as possible.

6. Have plenty of reading material around

Laura emphasizes the fact that story books are not the only material that can make reading fun. Keeping lots of newspapers, magazines, and other informational material around can also spark a young reader’s interest.

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