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Simple Snacks Kids Will Love

No matter the age, getting creative with snacks can be quite the task. Even with the use of Pinterest and other handy apps, you’re often left to use what’s in the fridge to make a yummy snack that even the children enjoy. Considering this somewhat hassle, when the child is vegan most people believe it limits their food choice; however, it often allows the parent and/or caretaker to be a bit more creative and adventurous.

For your convenience, we have collected ten simple vegan snacks that even the kids will like. More often than not, these ingredients will likely be hidden away in your kitchen, too! No need to rush out to prepare a fancy, instagramable meal or rip a bag of packaged food today, friends! Here are some fresh and simple recipes that everyone will enjoy.


Combining the use of grains with a go-to protein staple for most plant-based individuals, hummus is usually consumed with veggies or crackers. Though toast is also a great snack to pop in when you need a quick filler, combining the two staples is a unique and delicious way to spice up your old-fashioned toast regime.

Try topping with sesame, sea salt, hemp or flax on top. It’s a great base to get creative with. But, if you prefer to keep it simple and plain, just humus on top will do. And, everyone will likely eat it to its crust!


There’s something so simple yet so delicious about salt and avocado. Mix that with a crispy crunch of your favourite cracker and you have yourself a great snack! Honestly, all you need are these two ingredients to offer the kids. They’ll enjoy the dipping process along with the combination of consistency. Avocados provide a great,, healthy fat to fill their bellies and you are rest assured they’ve gotten good amount of nutrition as their meal between meals. Win-win!


Now, if you’re vegan or plant-based, or just like to live dairy-free on occasion, most chocolate is made without milk if it’s 72% or higher. When you mix dark chocolate with your favourite granola, it will taste like you’re cheating on your healthy, diet ways; however, there are a lot of benefits to this mixture.

Keep in mind that there are small amounts of caffeine in chocolate; especially dark chocolate. So, you may want to limit little ones if they’re snacking on this delicious treat.