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Savannah James Hosts Third Annual “I PROMise Makeover” to Buy 60 Girls Prom Dresses

Mid-April is here, which means prom season has officially arrived! Riding in a limo with friends and wearing the perfect prom dress is something that many girls dream about for their junior and senior years of high school. Unfortunately, prom seems to get more and more expensive every year and for some girls, a brand new prom dress just isn’t affordable for them or their families.

Savannah James has watched high school girls experience the disappointment of not being able to afford prom, a milestone event for many young women, and vowed to find a way to make prom affordable for everyone. For the last three years, she has fulfilled that vow through the LeBron James Family Foundation’s “I PROMise Makeover event.

For this annual event, Savannah James and her family treat 60 seniors from particular high schools in Ohio by helping them pick out and fund their dream prom dress.

James and her husband, LeBron, first meet the lucky students for lunch at the Hilton, where they have a chance to receive tips from James’ personal stylist on must-have prom accessories or which undergarments they should wear underneath their dresses. Savannah also offers the girls her own advice, encouraging them to let the beauty on the inside shine through and to create a special memory.

After lunch, the girls are given a chance to sift through racks and racks of gorgeous prom dresses and even pick out the perfect pair of shoes from a large selection of everything from glittery high heels to fancy ballet flats.

When asked about her inspiration behind the creation of this foundation, Savannah responded, “Prom is a milestone event for most young women, and one that no girl should deny herself because she can’t afford to look the part. Prom is the icing on the cake because shortly after that is graduation and after is real life. So it’s about enjoying the last of your high school days because you never get that time back.”

Savannah James and her family’s kindness is truly amazing and gives high school seniors a special day to look and feel like a princess when they otherwise would not be able to.

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