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Readers’ Favorite loves Blue Penguin!

Michelle Robertson over at Readers’ Favorite kindly reviewed our book Blue Penguin and the Sensational Surf for us, and really enjoyed it! Here’s what she had to say:

Blue Penguin and the Sensational Surf by Eileen Wacker and illustrated by Alan M. Low is a charming and colorful book introducing young readers to the concepts of friendship, acceptance, and social etiquette. Eileen Wacker and Alan M. Low have created a children’s book series: Fujimini Adventure Series, and this book is #7 The book offers readers lessons in politeness, selflessness, manners, and teamwork. The author and illustrator provide readers with a comprehensible, light–hearted story with vibrant, well-drawn pictures, making the story a fun and exciting read.

The author introduces readers to the importance of being accepted by creating a story in which the guests are given a gift upon arriving at the Surf School. This teaches readers to make others feel welcome and comfortable when they are being introduced to new things. Friendship and teamwork are both introduced to readers when, within the story, a friend is in need of help, and the others need to formulate and plan together to find a way to help. This also helps develop a child’s problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Children often love to show off a talent they are relatively good at, but may not see the harm in doing so.

The author teaches children the importance of selflessness. For example, when the surf teacher is showing off, and a student gets distracted and gets into trouble, the surf teacher puts the student in potential danger. Having not read the previous books in the series, this review is solely for book 7 of this series. The plot, messages within, and colorful, charming illustrations, allow this book to be an attractive and intriguing book for young readers to enjoy and share.