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Puppies, Passwords and Parking – Part 2 of 3

I have two blogs that I need to write and an article to edit. Puppy training is non-stop but I manage to finish one thing. I try to print and there is no ink or paper. The kids print all their homework out on my work printer in vivid colors so every month at some point I run out of paper and/or ink. I drive to Costco to get more supplies. I have to park in the shade because I have the puppy with me. I see about fifty handicap spots near the entrance and most are empty. Shoot! I end up parking about a mile away. Costco parking lots do not bring out the best in people so I walk carefully, avoiding angry looking drivers.

As I enter Costco, my senses are assaulted by Christmas decorations – it’s only the first week in October. What’s going on? I have a mountain of things to get done before the holidays! I can’t have the holidays thrown at me now. I’m so overwhelmed by the Christmas decorations that I forget to buy the ink. I do buy enough fruit to feed an army although we have never, ever finished a Costco size package of fruit. I’m hungry so I sample the foods and buy the Angus cheeseburgers, granola bars and Saimin noodles. I’m not sure who’s going to eat any of this.

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