Meet the Team!

ONCEKids has an amazing team in place to infuse passion and commitment into our Children’s Literacy project. Since 2015, we have had projects/initiatives whose aim is to ‘increase children’s literacy’. Our goal right now is to put the Fujimini Adventure Series books we have in our warehouse into the hands of children, especially those facing challenges.

This year, we have been ambushed by COVID-19 which has disrupted almost every school situation, leaving kids with no physical classroom. Families are facing home schooling struggles, working from home if at all, low or no resources, and many other challenges, all while feeling financially insecure and at risk for catching the virus. The new virtual reality is difficult and ONCEKids wants to donate physical books that boost the educational experience available to kids, and importantly, signal to children that they are valuable and valued.

We are also in a time where racial inequality is an issue for our society. Education and literacy are important tools of correction in this battle for equality, and we are moved to donate now, in this time, to the kids who are hardest hit by the pandemic. We feel the important message of inclusion, which is so critical in these moments, is strongly emphasized across the Fujimini Adventure Series.



Our Team


Olivia Wackertovarbio
A Clinical Psychology major at Quinnipiac University who has a deep passion for sick children in the hospital and is currently an intern in the Child Life Group at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children. She has been an active part of the book donation process and team since 2016 and received the Senior Capstone Award for her work in promoting and advancing children’s literacy. She has been instrumental in identifying fun, yet teachable threads and plots for the children’s stories.



Natalie Wacker
A passionate & award-winning high school artist who is extremely creative and helps identify ways to get the children’s books into kid’s hands. She developed the list of celebrities that support children’s causes and could potentially partner with ONCEKids. She creates the content and collateral for many of the stories and has been a chief strategist for this 2020 book donation drive. She is young and optimistic enough to believe all things are possible and we benefit from her positive energy and continued advocacy for other people. Team logo designer.



Ana Manrique
Enable the Spanish translation of the website so the books can also help ESL students enjoy the characters and stories. Born and living most of her life in Venezuela, she models positive advocacy for changes that need to happen. Great Marketing mind and interface with website development.





Karla Smit
Currently a student at New York University in Abu Dhabi, pursuing a major in Political Science with a minor in Economics. Being originally from Colombia, and growing up in different countries in Latin America, has opened her eyes towards the socioeconomic difficulties in this region. This has inspired her to dedicate her work and studies to social development and education. She has developed a passion for helping populations who face hardships as a consequence of political turmoil, with a specific interest in helping refugees succeed in foreign lands.



Onofre Liscano
Onofre Liscano nowadays is studying for his PhD in Research and Development in the U.C.V (Caracas, Venezuela). With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Onofre has been always drawn to create new and innovative products and moving them towards creating value for various businesses and organizations. He has been involved in this on the International stage. He mixes cutting-edge technologies with design and strategic planning. He also has participated in many civil movements which try to change difficult contexts in new opportunities to the people, trying always to be an agent of change. His favorite author is Bertrand Russell.