Fujimini Adventure Series

In the Fujimini Adventure Series, beloved Asian-inspired animals embark on hilarious adventures. In the stories, a mystical Asian Island is home to many animals. The animals groups each have a different Asian inspiration, and within the group each character has a unique and awesome personality. The penguins make and eat sushi, view purple as royalty, and have decidedly Japanese flair. The Chinese pandas make dim sum and long noodles, are builders and think every celebration should have fireworks. The Korean bunnies are masters of taekwondo, are the sweet makers and work very well as a group.

All the land animals play and mingle under a beautiful bonsai tree. The sea animals use the penguins to represent them in important matters discussed under the tree.

All the books are contemporary children’s stories with vividly illustrated pages. There are timeless lessons in each story but they are softly delivered and well absorbed by the adventurous storyline. There is an issue to resolve in each story and the animals must overcome assumptions and work with determination to assure a good outcome. All the books have happy endings. There is a Fujimini Adventure Series Glossary that explains different Asian items found in the stories such as bonsai tree, chopsticks, sushi, moon festival, samurai warriors, etc. and adds to the fun of the stories.