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New Years Goals for Your Family

We all probably realize that when you think “kid-friendly holiday”, New Year’s Eve probably isn’t the first holiday that comes to mind. Even though the kids might not stay awake long enough to see the sparkling ball drop, doesn’t mean they can’t participate in the idea. In fact, New Year’s Eve is a great time to come together and set some family goals for the upcoming year.


Most of us are so busy, we always appreciate some helpful ideas. So here’s an easy list of our New Year’s Resolutions for Families. Take a look and see that a lot of them are things that you’re probably resolving to do for yourself this year anyway – we just added a family twist!

Get Outside More

Make the choice to get outside more with your kids. This can be hiking, bike-riding camping or even simpler like exploring your back yard together.

Practice Gratitude as a Family

This is true; the more grateful your kids are, the happier they’ll be. We should shout this from the rooftops. In 2019, try setting up a regular family gratitude practice.


Adventures as A Family

Yes, we already mentioned to leave the house. But you can go further. Weekends, evenings and vacations can be opportunities for adventure. Get muddy, visit a new city or landmark, Make a bucket list of the fun you want to have as a family — then get those ideas on the calendar.


Read Together

With Harry Potter as an example, in 2019 make a concerted effort this year to read to, with, and around your children. If your kids are no longer interested in “story time” before bed, graduating from simple story books to chapters of classic adventure books, like Lord of the Rings, or the Red Wall series.