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My Review of Eileen Wacker’s ‘Silent Samurai and the Magnificent Rescue’

After hearing that Samurai are coming to Fujimini Island, Purple Penguin is eager to plan a big welcome party for their guests. He runs to tell all his friends on the Island, but others don’t react the way he thought they would. Not everyone is as excited for the warriors’ arrival as he is- but why? The other animals start to worry, letting what they have heard about samurai warriors form their opinion of their visitors before they have even arrived. Have you ever made assumptions about someone else before you met them? Will the hamsters, pandas, penguins, and bunnies come together and decided to welcome their guests with open arms and friendship or will they stay as far away as possible?

Eileen Wacker’s third edition of the Fujimini Adventure Series is cute, exciting and introduces some fun new characters. It also exposes kids to some Asian culture and history, like how purple is the color of royalty in Japan. Wacker embeds lessons within all the books of the Fujimini Adventure Series, but this book offers a few lessons that we can all learn from, including reserving our judgements of others based off of things we have heard until we actually get a chance to know them, and making new friends, offering a warm welcome to new people. This book is the perfect way to start a conversation with your kids about meeting new people, being a team player, and helping others out.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars by Barnes and Noble, the story is available for purchase in hardcover, for your kindle, or for your nook.

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