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In South Korea, After Children’s Day Concludes, May 8th is For the Celebration of Parents

In South Korea, May 5th is a day dedicated to the celebration and appreciation of all the Children in the country, but just three days later it’s the parents turn for some celebration.

Each year on May 8th, people across South Korea celebrate and honor their parents. Though the holiday is not considered a national public holiday by the South Korean government, it is widely celebrated across the country and many people take this day off to be with their families. The holiday is purposed to commemorate all of the efforts parents make when raising their children, physical, social, emotional, and psychological.

On Children’s Day, parents shower their children with love and affection to show how much they appreciate them and how special they are. So on May 8th, it is parents’ turn to be showered with love and shown appreciation. Parents make tremendous sacrifices for their children, so this holiday is the time for children to give back.

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Today, to celebrate and mark the special holiday, children will set aside the entire day to spend it with their parents- something teens rarely take the time to do. Not only do families spend the day together, but the activities they do are specifically ones that the parents enjoy. Children also give their parents gifts and flowers to demonstrate their gratitude and love. Carnations and roses are the most widely chosen flower for Parents’ Day, to mark the importance of the holiday.

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