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How to Keep Kids Learning Over Summer Vacation

Just because it’s summer vacation and schools out of session doesn’t mean parents want all learning to come to a halt. However, without a routine schedule and structure of a school day, finding ways for kids to keep their learning can be a little tricky. But with some creativity and a lot of time outdoors, there are definitely opportunities for learning that parents can take full advantage of.

1. Make a trip to the zoo into a science field tripHands-on and visual learning are such fun ways to learn. Most families take at least one trip to the zoo during the summer anyway, so take this opportunity to turn it into a fun learning experience! Act like it is a science field trip and have the kids read all the descriptions of the animals and learn about them, like what type of animal they are and where they originate from.

2. Try a new type of learning called “Genius Hour” There is a new idea experts have come up with called Genius Hour, where once a day for an hour kids are allowed to pursue whatever subject or knowledge they wish to, just for its own sake. It helps kids explore a subject they are passionate about and expand their learning and knowledge base all at once.

3. Keep their problem-solving skills sharpThere are lots of video and computer games out there for kids that are fun but also provide cognitive nourishment and help build problem solving skills. So keep your kids problem solving skills sharp and use those rainy days to keep them occupied with some “learning-friendly” computer games.

4. Start a vegetable garden in your backyardAnother fun way to teach your kids the basics of science is by having them help you plant a small garden or vegetable garden in your backyard. Talk with them about the science of plants and what it takes to keep them healthy and growing. In addition to the educational and learning aspect, having to tend to the plants and keep them alive is a good way for kids to learn some responsibility.

5. Have kids keep a journal about your family vacations or adventuresWriting, even free writing, is very good for expanding kids’ reading skills and keeping their wheels turning during the long summer months. Having kids keep journals is a great way to keep them reading and writing, but also gives them something to look back on and read when they get older.

6. Use a Museum Visit for a History Lesson

Another great way to spend a rainy or cloudy day is with a visit to a museum. Not only does it provide entertainment when the outdoors can’t, but it can also be a great excuse to teach the children some lessons about history in a way that is fun and interactive.

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