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How to Buy Holiday Gifts for Kids

Every child’s personality and passions really start to develop and grow between the ages of 4 and 6. The toddler phase begins to melt away as they become a “big kid” and they start to want to play with toys that not only feature their favorite characters but are also playthings their classmates have at home. If you’re looking for a kid’s gift in this unique stage, it’s not easy to win but there are some great ideas.

Action toys like the Marvel Captain America: Civil War Iron Man Tech FX Mask your child can engage in some seriously cool imaginative play.

Looking for a progressive take on classic picture books? The Fujimini Adventure Series brings great lessons, fun characters and strong illustrations. And it’s a safe gift from anyone in the family. These include birthday cake, sushi and samurai. So it’s an easy way for you to be the cool aunt/unlce.

The LeapReader is designed to teach kids how to read and write all in one place. Slimmer and easier to hold than the original Tag, the new system’s reading experience feels exactly the same as the old version — place the stylus on the page, and it will sound out words, read whole words, or read entire sentences.

Marble runs are always fun and the FS-USA/Mega Marbles Marble Fun Run 80 Piece Set is full of enough twists and turns to keep kids watching for hours.