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Holiday Shopping… For Our Kids

We love our kids. I know. I mean, of course we do. But there are activities where life is easier without them. Below are hopefully helpful tips for whether your shopping solo if with half the classroom with you. Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Experts (or me and my mom friends) agree the best time to approach the mall during holiday season is early in the week during a workday. Fewer crowds mean fewer germs that your sweet babies can be exposed to and more flexibility for you to weave in and out of shops —and nab that sweet parking spot in front.

Comfort is king when so wear tennis shoes with support and layered clothing for both you and baby, so you’re prepared for changing temperatures as you pop in and out of stores.

The biggest mistake new parents make when holiday shopping is trying to cram it all into one day. Planning is the key word. That means creating a shopping list, complete with everyone’s clothing sizes and wishlist items beforehand to avoid frustrated text messages and phone calls mid-shopping day. You’ll also want to jot down which stores you intend to hit up and where they are. So if Home Depot and Kids R Us are in close proximity to one another, get those gifts on the same day. Another thing to try: Call a store ahead of time and ask if they can hold a specific item for you to pick up later. Just, whatever you do, don’t wait until the night before to do it.

Strategizing “is a major stress reducer, because it saves time for the fun stuff.