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Has It Really Only Been an Hour?

Written by Racquel Wilkins

Guest Blogger

As my youngest son Jayden squirms to get out of my arms because something catches his attention on the floor, my middle child, my daughter Ariella who is four reaches her arms up for me to carry her. Despite getting ready to turn five in June, she still loves being babied by Mommy and Daddy. My oldest son Micah comes home from the school bus shortly after and as usual is ravenous. Jayden realizes he’s tired and then wants to get picked back up. Somehow I end up holding both younger children while staring into the kitchen trying to think of a great snack for Micah. A typical day in the life of a mom with three young ones.

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So how do I get through the little challenges of each day? With a lot of love and as much patience as I can muster. I put Jayden down in his playpen and luckily Ariella jumps in there too to keep the baby company. A little Mother Goose Club song playlist will keep them busy for a little while I cut a grapefruit open for Micah making sure to sprinkle sugar on it like he likes – a practice he picked up from Dad. Once he’s settled in, I can get to the little ones again.

A little later Micah begins to whine because his tablet wasn’t charged. I assured him that it was but he dolefully points out that it is only at 21%. He feels completely upset and won’t let it go and although I am trying to have patience, I am losing it because he is talking too loudly and his brother took almost 45 minutes to finally go down for his nap. Eventually Micah settles down with the promise of a cherry yogurt – his favorite. Can you tell how much he likes to eat?

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I am wondering why Ariella is so quiet only to open the bathroom door and find shaving cream all over the place including smothered on her doll’s face which she was trying to feed. Instead of getting angry I give her a hug, hand her a tissue to clean up and ask does she want to put the doll in its high chair so we can feed her some play food. A controlled play scenario is much easier to clean up I think to myself and it’s time she had some one on one with mom.

Although day to day life can be challenging, a bit of patience and a lot of love help me to get through each day. At the end of it all, I want to have more happy memories than frustrated ones so I stay in the moment, enjoy the time I have with my kids and prepare for the next adventure!