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Fun And Ingenious Ways To Display Your Child’s Artwork At Home

One of the sweetest things about being a parent is seeing your child be filled with joy about things they create. And let’s face it, they can create a lot of art projects between home, school, daycare, and other activities. While this is great, it can lead to the problem of parents not quite knowing what to do with all of those finger paintings, popsicle stick figures, and paper plate rainbows.

Sure, you can tack it up on the refrigerator, but there’s only so much space. Plus, this can get a bit messy and cluttered fairly quickly. So what’s a parent to do? Get creative yourself!

We’ve found a few fun and ingenious ways to display your child’s art around the house without it becoming too much to handle!


Perhaps one of our favorite and a more ingenious way of incorporating your child’s artwork into your home is to turn it into a placemat! This can be done in a couple simple ways, such as investing in a laminator machine (this can be found on Amazon, of course!) or using self-adhesive contact paper.

Either way, this is a fast and easy project to not only prolong the life of your kid’s artwork, but also to enjoy it at every meal! One of the great things about this display is the fact you can make as many placemats as you want, store them in a drawer for future use, and won’t clutter your walls. It’s a great solution for parents and children alike!


Much like turning your child’s artwork into placemats, creating a book allows you to both display their art and keep your home clutter free. Of course, not all of their works of art can go into a book, but paintings, drawings, and other paper-based items can be glued onto the blank pages of a book. This creates a whole new art piece you can proudly display on your living room table for guests to flip through. Just imagine how delighted your little ones will be seeing their art turned into this creative exhibition!


Perhaps one of the more creative ways to show off your kid’s art is to actually use it to decorate your home. Sure, not all works of art will double as decor, but it’s fun to upcycle those pieces that do.

Rainbows, flower pots, stained glass, and ornaments are not only fun projects for your kids, but also make fun decoration items to put on a colorful display in your home.


This effortless method of showcasing creative work is trendy and straightforward. It provides your child with a space of their own to display their master pieces without having them take over the house. Using a few curtain rods also provides ample room for your kid to make their projects visible to everyone, while also allowing them to switch out artwork easily.