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Fujimini for Christmas!

As you all have surely noticed, Christmas is nearly here, and OnceKids has gifts aplenty for stuffing your digital stockings – ebooks and animated apps, delivered auto-magically to the e-readers and tablets of your loved ones. It’s like if Santa Claus lived in the Matrix.

Getting an ebook (or an app) as a gift for your budding reader takes less than a minute. You can click here to see all our ebooks, or here to see all our apps. Pick any of our stories – each has a button that takes you to the online store of your choice, where you can make your gift purchase.

For Amazon or Barnes & Noble: See the big “Buy” button on the right? Just below it is the “Buy as Gift” button. Click that and you’ll be able to send your present digitally, and personalize it too!

For Apple iTunes: You’ll need to buy a gift card, which you can do by clicking here.

For Android apps: Just like iTunes, you can buy a gift card to Google’s Android store by clicking here.

More of a visual person? Honestly, so are we. Check out these videos by Open Road Integrated Media – they’ll show you how to get a gift at whatever online store you want.

Thanks for supporting OnceKids and Fujimini, and Merry Christmas to all!