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Fabulous on Facebook

Guest blog by Kenna McHugh

“A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel

If I look fabulous on Facebook, then my life is fabulous. That’s like the saying “Fake it ‘til you make it.” I know my life as a mother is not perfect. If it was, life would be boring. Yet, when it comes to Facebook postings, all I want to post is how fabulous my family is doing.

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Like our family Christmas card, I want my friends and family to see how great we are doing, and how happy we are. That is classy and, for the most part, we are doing well. My kids are alive, and my husband comes home at night.

I don’t want to share bad news on Facebook with a photo of my daughter being scared to death about going to the dentist. I want to share a photo of her after she gets her braces on with a smiley face commenting, “I am so proud of Rosalind. She made it through her first orthodontist appointment.”

If I post times we are not doing well, like photos of my kids looking pissed-off and my husband sleeping with his mouth wide open, “Our car broke down, and we had to miss the Giants game. We’ve been waiting by the side of the rode for 2 hours. Does anyone know of a better road service?” I don’t think my friends and family want to see that stuff. They’d unfriend me if I kept it up.

It is better to spread good news than bad news. If anyone wants bad news, they can just turn on CNN. I look for Facebook moments that are fabulous, so I my family looks fabulous because deep down in my heart they are fabulous.

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Why would I want to put on Facebook my teenage daughter having a meltdown because she thinks she is fat? What affect does that have on how my friends or family view my daughter? Is it classy? No. Showing how bad someone is doing on a social media website is just plain cruel. It is better so show a photo of my daughter smiling, “She won her heat in the breaststroke and took off 5 seconds. PB for Ros!”

Like I said, life is not perfect, but you can post the positives, and you get what you put your attention on. If I post happy family moments on Facebook, it is because I want my family and friends to know we are having a happy moment. Whether at times it may seem quite the opposite, I still want my friends and family to think that my family is doing great because I like spreading good news. It is my aspiration to be doing fabulous.