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Even Ellen DeGeneres Can’t Hold Back Tears After Giving an Amazing Teacher the Surprise of Her Life

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her random acts of enormous kindness and her love for surprising others, so when she heard about a heroic teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she just had to acknowledge her amazing deeds on the show. But of course, in Ellen fashion, she wanted it to be a complete surprise.

Sonya Romero thought she was just a part of the audience during a recent taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but instead, halfway through the show Ellen called her down out of the audience to give her the attention she has long deserved. To show everyone what an amazing person Sonya really is, Ellen and her team had a video prepared that had been secretly filmed at her school. The emotional segment was made up of secret footage of her being the awesome teacher that she is, as well as other teachers, colleagues, former students, and current students talking about why she is such an amazing person.

Sonya is a kindergarten teacher at Lew Wallace Elementary in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each morning, she asks each of her students if they need anything to eat or any clothes to wear. With a limited school budget, she often takes money from her own pockets to help her young students out. But her support and caring for her students goes beyond the walls of the classroom. When Child Protective Services intervened with two of her students, being left with no temporary home to go to, Romero stepped in and took the children into her own home. Originally they were just supposed to stay with her for a few days till the school could figure something out, but she has officially been their foster mom for over six months now.

By the end of the emotional segment, both Romero and her son, who was seated in the audience, were in tears- even Ellen needed a tissue. Ellen then surprised the incredible woman once again by presenting her with a $10,000 donation from Target and another separate $10,000 for her school. Click Below To see the segment from the Ellen DeGeneres Show:

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