Be a part of our 2020 Campaign

Why Chil’Lit?
Millions of children around the world are experiencing a pause in their educational journeys as many countries do not have sufficient resources to establish an effective system of virtual learning, or to even provide students with books. The Fujimini Adventure Series is also aimed at children who are learning English as a second language. Therefore, we consider Chil’Lit to be an outstanding initiative to restart children’s learning paths, while enabling and encouraging bilingualism.

ONCEKids held book giveaway campaigns in 2014, 2015, and 2016 following an in-depth research project about educating children during hospital stays. Now with school attendance ‘interrupted’ or worse, more than ever children need access to reading materials and stories. ONCEKids donated 3,850 Fujimini Adventure Series Books to Cradles to Crayons in April 2020 for COVID relief but we want to do much more!

The current pandemic has left children with unequal access to education and resources. Education is our greatest equalizer and improving children’s literacy is an important lever for positive change. At ONCEKids, we are inspired by children everywhere & we are running a children’s book campaign to give away brand new, award-winning, multi-cultural books from the Fujimini Adventure Series.
Why you?
Our contacting you is no accident! We have researched you very carefully and feel you share our passion and understand the ‘call to action’ right now to increase children’s literacy using multi-cultural books. ONCEKids has 50,000 brand new children’s books (8 titles) in the award winning Fujimini Adventure Series (11 awards) to donate, but we need your advocacy to get the books into the hands of children! Please partner with us in this effort to support children’s education.

We are looking for partners that share our passion. Reading books creates a world where children are the masters of their universe, the drivers of their buses, the kings/queens of their adventures, fueled mainly by their valued imaginations. To those who want to help us get the books into children’s hand, please email anyone on the team if you feel your own personal mission aligns with ours or contact us by clicking this link.
Our team: