Barrett Russell’s kids dream about the Fujimini Adventure Series books donated by ONCEKids

Eileen Wacker believes increasing children’s literacy has a real, measurable positive impact. For the second year in a row, Wacker donated a book to every kindergartener in the Barrett Russell School in Wacker’s hometown of Brockton, Massachusetts. The principal, Joanne Camillo, says most of her children don’t own any books. 85% of the children live below the poverty line. So each year, on the day before the Christmas break, Ms. Camillo brings in her daughter Kate to be an elf and her son Anthony to be Santa and they throw a party and give every child the gift of reading, compliments of Wacker. This 2016 over 1,000 books from the award-winning Fujimini Adventure Series were donated.

Eileen Wacker has donated nearly 5,000 books in the last 13 months to children facing challenges. Her company ONCEKids has given Fujimini Adventure Series books to Seattle Children’s Hospital, First Book Washington, Hawaii Literacy, Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children,  St. Mary’s Hospital for Children in Bayside, NY, Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh, New York Cares, and Statement Arts.