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New Children’s Series Offers Glimpse into the Future of Education

When was the last time you stepped into a classroom? If you’ve stepped into one of the thousands of pilot schools across the country, one thing might stand out to you: no textbooks. More and more classrooms from kindergarten through college are ditching traditional textbooks in favor of tablets or computers and e-books.

In fact, South Korea, one of the highest rates education systems in the world, plans to be textbook-free by 2014. (In the latest worldwide PISA test of 15-year-old students, South Korea ranked No. 2 in students’ reading comprehension, after Shanghai, China. The United States ranked 17th.)Why get rid of textbooks? “Education experts are discovering it’s more cost effective and educational for students to have their textbooks available in an e-format,” says Eileen Wacker, author of the award winning Fujimini Adventure Series. “Tablets and e-readers are the wave of the future. They allow kids with all types of learning styles to have an interactive educational experience. In essence, it’s 3-D learning.”

The Fujimini Adventure Series offers:

• interactive games and apps for Apple products

• digital book downloads

• cultural diversity as is explores the Asian culture

• acceptance of people regardless of race, color or ability

• mulit-tasking using today’s technology

Eileen Wacker, a Harvard Business School graduate, lived and worked in seven different countries, including the United States. She commuted to Asia for nearly three years as part of a business development team, which sparked her interest in Asian culture. While living in Seoul, South Korea, for three years, Wacker ran the children’s book program at the international school and started researching ideas for the Fujimini Adventure Series. Wacker now resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, with her husband and four children, one of whom is a daughter adopted from China.

The first three books in the series, Green Hamster and the Quest for Fun, Red Penguin and the Missing Sushi, Silent Samurai and the Magnificent Rescue, and Pink Hamster and the Big Birthday Surprise! are available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.