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A Summary and Review of Eileen Wacker’s Pink Hamster and the Big Birthday Surprise

The fourth installation in Eileen Wacker’s Fujimini Adventure Series, stars the adorable and peppy Pink Hamster who is beside herself with excitement when she wakes up ready to celebrate her birthday. Her absolute favorite part about her birthday is the cake- so much so that she has been dreaming about it all night. As soon as Pink Hamster wakes up she races to find all her Fujimini Island friends to start her big day. Thoughts of singing, parties, dancing, presents, and of course cake fill her mind. When she finally stumbles upon her hamster friends, she realizes that no one seems to have even remembered her birthday, even her best friend Green Hamster. Is this going to turn out to be the worst birthday ever or do her friends have a little something up their sleeve?

Learn more about the award-winning Fujimini Adventure series. Purchase the books hereRated 4.91 out of 5 stars on Good Reads and 5 out of 5 stars from Barnes and Noble, this book is sure to please. Pink Hamster is a silly and lovable character who keeps children interested from the very first sentence with her spunk and charm.

When asked about her inspiration behind the book, author Eileen Wacker responded, The inspiration for pink hamster and the big birthday surprise was my little girl. She’s a summer baby so she never had the traditional birthday, always last minute always family. She loves birthday cake and hershey bars. I know kids living and anticipating birthdays is universal so I thought if the character that loves her birthday the most thinking everyone forgot would make a great story. I added the part about little lies as we all know how they can backfire. I also planted her dreaming of a little white dragon as a shape shifting dragon would be featured in the next story! Of course there is a happy ending as birthdays should always be happy!”