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7 Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Like a Queen on Mother’s Day Without Spending Any Money

Ask any mother she will tell you, Mother’s Day is not about how much money was spent on gifts and there are much more creative (and often times more special) ways to tell you mother how much you love and appreciate her besides emptying out your wallet. This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 10th-giving you plenty of time to plan something special. So we’ve put together a list of gift ideas that are both special and creative but absolutely free, picked out by moms themselves.

1. Make a scrap book or photo album of recent picturesAs we get older we tend to take less family photos, but this doesn’t mean they don’t get less important, so snap some nice pictures of you and your siblings for your mother to enjoy.

2. Give her a framed list of all the reasons why you love and appreciate you mom.We all loved our mothers and appreciate all the things they have done for us, but don’t always tell them. Seeing a written out list of all these reasons will mean a lot to her. And actually seeing them on paper will serve as a nice reminder of why you love your mom too- and after all that is what Mother’s Day is about.

3. Bring her a cooked breakfast, preferably in bed Nothing makes a person feel special like having a delicious cooked breakfast brought to them while they are in bed.

4. Give her a clean houseMost moms love a clean house, but usually to achieve this they are the ones who have to do the majority of the cleaning. Give your mom a much deserved day of relaxation by doing the cleaning for her.

5. Burn a CD of all her favorite songsMusic has a way of being able to instantly bring you back to some great memories. When I hear certain songs, they immediately remind me of my childhood because my mother would play them all the time. Making her a mixtape of these songs will serve as a nice flashback for both of you.

6. Cook her favorite meal for dinner For any mom, an ideal Mother’s Day would involve lots of delicious food, none of which was prepared by her. Continue the pampering after breakfast by preparing her a nice dinner made up of her favorite foods. And don’t let her do the dishes afterwards!

7. Volunteer to do one of the chores she hates for a weekNo one loves chores, but many parents have that one chore in particular that they just hate- for my mom its ironing. Do her a huge, amazing favor by offering to do this particular chore for an entire week. Hopefully her least favorite chore and your least favorite isn’t the same!