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5 Ideas for Your Budget-Friendly Holiday Party

Let’s be honest: Every family we know loves a good party — especially a good Holiday party. During the holiday season, between office parties and events, we can see just how much we love these parties by busting our budgets, all in the name of making our Christmas shindig the talk of the community or the office.


But if your budget is tight, hosting a Holiday party can be a real challenge. You want to be just as festive as the next guy, but you don’t want to completely derail your budget — which might feel pretty darn tough to do. The good news is, you don’t have to overspend to entertain! Here are a handful of budget-friendly ways to help you host a Holiday party on a budget.

Hosting a Christmas Party That Doesn’t Break Your Budget

1. Make a Holiday party budget and stick with it.

Really think through how much money you’ll need to host a party this year. Set aside a realistic amount in your budget and mark it “Holiday Party” so you know exactly how much you can spend.

The best way to stick with your budget when you’re hosting a Holiday party is to track your spending as you go. It’ll help you know exactly how much you’ve already dropped on the party and how much you have left to spend.

2. Set your Spending priorities.

Before you start spending, make a list of everything you want to buy. Start with what’s most important when it comes to hosting a Holiday party: paper goods, main dishes, appetizers, desserts, drinks, decorations and tablecloths. That way, if your money runs out along the way, you can cut things from the bottom that don’t matter as much and focus on the Holiday party ideas that you really want to do.


3. Opt for a hot cocoa bar over booze.

Look, we’re not trying to be a Scrooge about your Holiday “spirits” here, but the reality is, booze is expensive — especially when you’re buying it for a large group. If you still want to be festive while saving major bucks, then forgo the spiked eggnog and mixed drinks and offer a hot cocoa bar.

It’s pretty simple too. Just make a large portion of hot cocoa, provide Christmas-themed cups, and offer all the delicious toppings for guests to pile on. Of course, marshmallows are the obvious favorite, but don’t forget things like candy canes, whipped cream, sprinkles and whatever else gives your heart that cherry-on-top feeling.

4. Keep the Whole Party Manageable.

You don’t have to throw an over-the-top, black-tie event for 100 people. Invite 10 friends to your house for a casual potluck dinner instead! You’ll save a lot of money and reduce the stress level of your Holiday party planning. And with a smaller group, you’ll actually be able to hang out with your guests rather than act like a catering service.


5. Beg, borrow, or (buy for a) steal.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on tablecloths and serving trays to make your holiday spread look great. Get what you need from a friend, thrift store or dollar store. All those cake stands and punch bowls can add up fast if you buy them new!