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5 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Mom Who Already Has Everything

We know. It’s only February. But let’s be honest, it’s a good time to already be thinking about Mother’s Day. Dropping hints. Bringing up casual reminders that turn in to throbbing alarms as we get closer to May.

Box of Chocolate Soaps

This year, how about giving your mom a different kind of chocolate? Handmade and all-natural, this set gets its scent from actual cocoa powder; its moisturizing properties come from shea and cocoa butters as well as olive, coconut, and sweet almond oils to keep her skin soft all winter long.

Mom-Inspired Keychain

For the mother in your life who refuses to be mom-shamed, values independence in her kids and herself, and can dish out praise, discipline, witty comebacks, and dinner with equal skill, this one from Simplestamp says it all.

Mom Wine Glass

Your mom survived your colic, toilet training, white-food phase, homework battles, teen angst, college breakups, late-night phone calls, and countless little crises. She’s earned this one. Bonus points if you also give her a bottle to go with it.

Moms Signs

For the new (or almost-new) mom who’s realizing for the first time what it takes to raise small humans, this decor from A Rustic Feeling will show Mom that you’re finally woke to the whole motherhood thing.