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3 Easy Ways to Volunteer, Even As A Busy Family

In today’s world, yes we have over-scheduled children. Our family calendars are packed with so many extra-curricular and enrichment activities, it’s a wonder that our kids have time to eat, sleep and finish homework. And while kids are so busy, they (and we) are increasingly disconnected from each other a family while we are drawn to devices and screens.

2. Incorporate Volunteer service into Things Your Family is Already Doing.

If your child is hosting a playdate with a few friends, add a kindness activity to the afternoon of fun. Kids can bake cookies and create cheerful cards to deliver to your local fire station, police precinct or nursing home.

When planning your child’s birthday party or other milestone event, ask them to select a charity they’d like to support with their celebration and incorporate a donation drive or related hands-on service project, or ask for donations in lieu of gifts.

3. Practice Random Acts of Kindness Throughout Your Day

Every day presents countless opportunities to practice kindness with kids. As you head to the market, offer to pick up groceries for a homebound neighbor. Bring a hot cup of coffee to the crossing guard on a cold day (or a cold drink during a heat wave). Pick up trash as you walk around your neighborhood. Hold the door and smile at the next person coming through the entrance. Allow your kids to leave a few coins in the tip jar at the coffee shop.

Your one small, simple act might have a ripple effect in changing a person’s day and the gratitude your child receives will make them feel great, too.

Finding time for family service allows you to live your values while spreading compassion and joy in a world that is in desperate need of both. Children feel pride in serving and reap the benefits of flexing their empathy “muscles.” There is no magic formula—parents simply need to keep an open heart, an observant eye and a positive intention.

Every day and in every busy schedule, there’s always time to do good.