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10 Unique Gift Ideas for Father’s Day that Won’t Break the Bank

Sometimes buying a quality present for your father without spending a ton of money can feel impossible. Things on his to-buy list such as electronics, grill equipment, and outdoor furniture can get very pricey- but getting another tie or watch year after year can get pretty boring (for both of you!). But don’t get discouraged! There are cool gifts out there that will make your dad feel special without making you broke, they just may involve a little more thought and time- but isn’t Dad worth the effort? Luckily, we did some research and got some suggestions from other fathers to make starting out a little easier on you.

1. A nice bottle of wineMoms aren’t the only people who can appreciate a good bottle of wine! Ask around and find out what kind of wine he prefers (white or red, dry or sweet) and then pick up a high quality bottle he will love but wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself.

2. A cell phone caseThis gift is not as boring as it sounds! Phones are so breakable now, and all look pretty much the same that it is important to have a good quality case to not only protect your phone, but make it stand out too. Depending on his personality, you could pick out a really high tech case, a funny one, or if he is as clumsy as me maybe a LifeProof.

3. A beer of the month subscription Is your dad a beer lover? Surprise him with this gift that keeps on giving- with a new beer delivered to his doorstep each month.

4. A personalized six-packIf your dad has specific tastes or is passionate about locally brewed beer, surprise him with a six pack of all his favorite and most unique beers.

5. A Nintendo 64 or GameCube If your dad loves video games and also likes to collect vintage stuff, surf Ebay for a gently used Nintendo 64 or GameCube gaming system with a couple of old school games like Mario Kart. Now that is a gift that the whole family can get into.

6. A grill cook book and some (not too expensive) grilling equipment This isn’t exactly a new or unique idea, but it is the start of summer after all and that means grilling season. My dad is always looking for new dinner ideas and any excuse to pull out his beloved grill, so this gift is sure to please no matter what.

7. Tile Key FinderIs your dad slightly disorganized or lose things easily? If so, then the Tile finder is a fantastic gift for him. At a reduced price of $20 you can attach the little white tile to anything, such as keys, and find it with your phone. That sounds like something I need!

8. Himalayan Salt Tequila GlassesThis is the perfect gift for any dad who appreciates a good summertime margarita or loves his tequila. The fancy and festive glasses are made from sea salt to give each shot of tequila the salty addition they need.

9. Make Your Own Hot Sauce kitMy dad loves his hot sauce, and if yours does too then look no further! Allow your dad to make his own hot sauce exactly the way he likes it with this cool DIY set.

10. Beard Pack

If your dad sports a beard, keep him from looking like a grizzly lumberjack with an all-natural facial hair care set. Your mom will thank you.

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