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10 Lessons We Could All Learn From Kids

Parents, teachers, grandparents and other adults teach kids new lessons everyday, but there are a lot of things we could learn from kids about how to be in our own daily lives. Kids bring a lot of wonderful qualities to the table that sometimes seem to get lost along the way as we grow up. But if they were a part of us once, with some practice they can become a part of us again. There are certain aspects of our childhood that should stay a part of us forever.

1. Remembering how to use your imaginationOne of the most admirable qualities kids have are their powerful imaginations and their unlimited abilities to use them. A lot of grown-ups envy their kids’ imaginations, wishing that they hadn’t lost theirs. But in reality, adults haven’t lost their imaginations, they have just forgotten how to use them as easily as kids do.

2. How to still let yourself act ridiculous

Life gets harder as you get older, with bigger choices and more responsibilities. It can become easy to let the seriousness take charge and forget how to let loose. Kids are experts in this area, they know how to let the weird take over and goof off. The tough stuff is so much more manageable if you are able to find the humor in it. So take a lesson from the kids and let your freak flag fly once in a while.

3. The importance of expressing how you really feelKids are notorious for being the most brutally honest group of people. They always speak their mind and approach a situation with honesty, even when the truth hurts. As we get older, white lies and withholding the truth can start to feel like second nature, but speaking your mind (maybe with a little more grace or compassion than some kids) can definitely get you places and show that you can stand up for yourself and do what it takes to get what you want.

4. Loving what you love without shameKids wear what they feel like wearing, eat breakfast food for dinner, laugh at their own jokes and don’t apologize to anyone for it. They don’t care what anyone thinks, if they like something other people’s opinions just don’t matter all that much. Life would be so much easier if adults could have that mentality all the time too.

5. How to have unwavering confidenceIf you are a parent or have ever even been around a kid, one thing stands out- kids love themselves. They laugh at their own jokes, stare at themselves in the mirror, go after what they want, and think they can do anything. We all deserve to have that kind of self esteem and confidence, but it is still possible. If we felt that confident once, we can feel it again.

6. A good cry once in a while can do wondersI don’t mean reverting back to the falling to your knees and pounding your firsts on the floor in public type of crying, but going to a quiet place (preferably alone, in your house) and just letting it all out every once in a while is actually really good for you- and something kids are experts at.

7. Its okay to ask for help when you need it

Its great to be an independent adult but sometimes trying to do everything on your own can be stressful and make things harder than they have to be. Asking for help when you really need it is not a sign of weakness, but actually of strength. Kids are constantly doing things for the first time and have no shame in asking people for help when they are confused.

8. Its good to still get REALLY EXCITED

Kids get excited or enthused over even the smallest things, like reading their favorite book or having pizza for dinner, and they also aren’t afraid to show how excited they are. When do we stop getting so excited over stuff? Adult life can be really cool and exciting, especially if we let ourselves get back to that place where even the smallest things can get our adrenaline going.

9. Its okay to make mistakes

Adults tend to get embarrassed or ashamed when they make a mistake- but without messing up sometimes we would never learn anything. Kids constantly make mistakes, but instead of getting upset and letting it ruin their day, they shrug it off and move forward, learning how to do it differently next time. When kids make mistakes, the adults around them comfort them and show them how to take the positives from it moving forward. We should reserve some of that patience and understanding for ourselves when we mess up.

10. You should still keep dreaming big

When kids are asked what they want to do when they grow up, they never limit themselves or think small. Just because you are an adult doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still let your imagination run wild and keep dreaming like you did when you were young. No matter how old you are, the opportunities are endless and each day welcomes new potential.