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10 Gifts Your Significant Other Actually Wants This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to showing the people you love how much they mean to you, but after a few years getting creative can get tough. Bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolate are nice and all but sometimes mixing it up is the best way to say “I love you” to that special someone. So after asking around and doing a little research, ONCEKids has come up with a list of 10 gift ideas that people ACTUALLY want this Valentine’s Day. So if you are struggling to come up with some last minute ideas other than the go to chocolate and flowers, look no further!

1. A homemade dinnerSkip the reservations and long waits this year and keep dinner close to home. A candle lit dinner is romantic no matter how many Valentine’s days you and your significant other have celebrated together, but add the effort and comfort of a home cooked meal and it will be sure to be a memorable night.2. A Handmade CardHallmark has some fantastic cards, don’t get me wrong, and what card you pick out does say a lot- but to some what might say more is a card made exclusively by you with a handpicked poem and message in your words, not someone else’s. Even if you aren’t good with your words, in this case it is definitely the thought that counts.3. WineOne of the best ways to wine someone’s heart (or keep it) is with a bottle of their favorite wine. Cause who doesn’t love wine? Especially for our mothers out there. 4. A Mixtape or CDYes, it is 2015, a time of iTunes and Pandora, but there is still something romantic about the old school mixtape or CD filled with their favorite tunes or songs that remind you of them. 5. A Spa DayIf your loved one has been super stressed out lately, giving them a gift certificate to a day at the spa or a professional massage will make their week (maybe even their month). 6. A Day of Outdoor FunDepending on the weather in your area, this can mean a day hitting the slopes or a hiking adventure. There is nothing to get the romance going like a day among nature, free from technology and distractions. 7. A Movie NightIf you or your significant other are not huge fans of the outdoors, or its just too darn cold, spend this Valentine’s Day indoors by a fire with popcorn, pajamas, and your favorite movies. 8. A collection of books in their favorite genreOne of life’s greatest pleasures is to curl up with a great novel, it is also a great way to relax, so this gift is definitely one for the books (pun intended).9. A Super Comfy Pajama setOne of the great things about the winter season is being able to stay warm with some super comfy pajamas, so give the special person in your life the ultimate winter treat with a nice, flannel pajama set to keep them warm during the cold winter nights.10. Movie ticketsWith all of the amazing movies coming out lately, there has to be at least one you and your partner have been dying to see. So cross one off your list this Valentine’s day by surprising them with a movie night out to the movie they can’t stop talking about.Do something a little different this year to make the one you love feel special without breaking the bank!ONCEKids Publishing is run by literacy advocate and Mompreneur Eileen Wacker. Click here to find her acclaimed books