ONCEKids and Fujimini can be used in the Classroom.

At ONCEKids we believe there is a reader in every child and adding a variety of media experiences can pull out potential through new, innovative approaches. Not every child enjoys sitting and reading a print book. They may still do it but lets explore some ways to add dimension and interesting elements to their experience. Let them meet the characters, use the characters in a game app, be rewarded by reading on an iPad, Nook or Kindle. Anything that has them asking for more. We also created some descriptions of the story lines if you want to have enriched discussion following a traditional read of the story. We have broken each story into: quick synopsis, key themes and a full synopsis. In the discussion guide section. ONCEKids core belief: Good readers are good learners because you can’t learn if you can’t read.


  • Have a discussion after reading each story:

-What was their favorite part?

-Could they have guessed the ending?

-Who is their favorite character? Why?

-Who would they like to have the next story be about?

  • Find the Fuji-Scene game app (in app store) and use as a reward. Kids can create postcards and use email to send to friends and family.
  • Go to Fujiminiisland site (kids tab on ONCEKids site) and play free games to have fun, reinforce characters and increase excitement to read the next story
  • Read the stories on the iPad, Nook or Kindle and have a discussion about modern reading and the impact of technologies. Teach them about e-readers.
  • Ask them to summarize the story from their point of view. See which elements stand out to them. See if they could draw any inferences.
  • Ask them to find five “big” words in the story and find the meaning of the words together.