Green Hamster is bored with everyday hamster life, so he decides to go on an adventure to find the most fun on Fujimini Island. Will he find out the wrestling pandas, leaping dolphins or surfing penguins do have more fun?


Red Penguin is very proud of her amazing sushi she made for the Moon Festival celebration, but when the sushi vanishes, the animals must investigate. Was there some mischief, or is it a simple mistake?


Mysterious samurai have appeared on Fujimini. Purple Penguin wants to plan an amazing welcome party, but not all the animals are excited about the arrival of the warriors.


Today is Pink Hamster’s very favorite day, her birthday. She has been dreaming for weeks of a birthday party with lots of cake, but the other hamsters have all forgotten her birthday!


Today, the tortoise samurai are being more secretive than usual. All the animals on Fujimini Island are wondering what their secret mission is, and worried there might be a battle.

RainbowPanda_HARDCOVER_COVER_Lighter  copy

It’s the New Year celebration, and Rainbow Panda has an explosive plan to bring the animals good luck. Will his firecrackers make him a hero, or just get everyone in a lot of trouble?


Create and share your own scenes on Fujimini Island! Choose a background, and add characters and props from the books, along with custom dialogue!

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Today the Fujimini Island Surf School is opening, and Blue Penguin is taking his first students out. The waves are awesome and Blue Penguin can’t resist the urge to leave his students and show everyone his best moves. But will the students be okay left alone?