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ONCEKids is a brand that promotes the diversity and richness of Asian cultural themes though print books, e-books, and interactive applications. ONCEKids is the inspiration of its founder Eileen Wacker who in addition to authoring the Fujimini Adventure Series, is an active blogger, and journalist.

The company seeks to expose and excite young readers around the diverse elements from several Asian cultures. Through the stories and supplemental activities and materials ONCEKids stimulates discussions at home, in the classrooms, and among educators and librarians. ONCEKids online provides a forum for parents and others to blog about experiences, challenges and modern strategies in parenting and education. ONCEKids founder Eileen Wacker has published articles in major print publications (over 50!) and maintains an active social media presence.

ONCEKids was conceived in 2007, researched and written for a few years and formed a legal entity in 2009. In the first two years, extensive market research was done and focus groups were conducted with children, parents and educators in Seoul, Tokyo, Honolulu and Massachusetts. This led to the creation of the storylines and vision for the Fujimini Adventure Series. The stories incorporate timeless children’s lessons such as the importance of friendship, honesty, adventure and inclusion. There are currently 5 books available in print, animated and ebooks with plans for 7 more to complete the series. There is a game app (FujiScene) available for iPad. Books are distributed in boutique, independent book sellers, and book master.

ONCEKids products, technology, and vision are realized in collaboration with the talents of a diverse virtual team. The teams are based in California, Mexico City, Honolulu, Vancouver, Boston, Austin and Minnesota. We all share a mission of bringing diverse content and excellent quality books and articles to young readers.

Our Dream Team

R&D2   “We Make Cool Stuff™”
Digital agency based in San Francisco that specializes in web, interactivity, UI/UX, branding and strategy.


BookmastersScreen Shot 2013-02-20 at 10.41.36 AM
Print book distributor
Cathy Purdy, Account Executive



Lissy Peaceimages-1
President,Owner at Lissy Peace & Associates
Lissy Peace & Associates has a powerful presence in the book
publishing industry, orchestrating publicity, marketing, packaging
licensing, and agenting for a wide array of authors.



Alan Low
Alan Low designs
In addition to his super hero and book illustration duties,
Alan helms Alan Low Design, which specializes in brand identity,
product packaging, architectural signage and print graphics.

Arron Robinson
Plan B Cartoons is here to bring stories to life.
As North Vancouver’s premiere animation studio,our diverse team of artists consist of industry leading professionals.


Terry Daniels, Voice Animation
Universal Voice Talent


Joe Wehinger
Joe and his team at Ideea Factory create powerful online
strategies for their clients, including social media,
search results, website design, more. 



Aidan Metzger
Acts as an online researcher of current trends which interest young Asians including holidays, events, pop culture, and stories. She is also a blog writer to two websites for ONCEKids and Fujimini.


Ryan Mawhar
ONCEKids Software developer and technical support for the ONCEKids apps