Eileen’s Two Cents

Eileen Wacker

Eileen Wacker’s journey to become a children’s book author took a circuitous route. She has a deep passion for story telling and a genuine curiosity in cultures of the world.

She moved with her husband Rich and their four children, Olivia, Christian, Ethan and Natalie to Seoul, South Korea and lived there for four years. The family traveled extensively across Asia, visiting many countries, most frequently China and Japan. Eventually the family settled in Honolulu, but Eileen continued to visit Japan and Korea as her husband was still commuting to Seoul for his job. She is inspired by the rich and diverse cultures of Asia and enthused to learn of the many traditions, celebrations and unique viewpoints found there.

In Seoul, she ran the school’s book program, sparking her interest in children’s books. One of her children is Chinese and after researching the market, she discovered a shortage of quality children’s books drawing upon pan-Asian themes. She decided to develop a book series with Asian characters for the mainstream children’s book market (in English language children’s books).

In 2007 she conceived of what developed into the Fujimini Island Adventure Series. By 2009 Eileen had drafted the first 2 Asian inspired books and located a talented illustrator. The first book was launched in 2010 in print and as an ebook.

The Fujimini Adventure series has seen a lot of positive light since its launch in 2010 with awards such as: Mom’s Choice Award in consecutive years (2011,2012) for all the books in the series. The Fujimini Adventure Series also got an honorable mention award from Hollywood Book festival, New York Book Festival, San Francisco Book Festival, New England book festival, and Beach Book Festival in 2012. “We were surprised and excited by all the positive attention. We love the story and hope young readers can lose themselves in an adventure story with a great ending” said Eileen.

Eileen has a Harvard MBA and approaches her brand with a 21st century vision. The reading trends are shifting with more and more content going towards a surging electronics market. She says “Our strategy since inception has been to develop the books on multiple platforms – in print, ebooks, and as enhanced animated books”. She has also developed a game app, featuring the Fujimini Adventure Series characters. The young users create their own artwork and post in on the website gallery or email to parents, friends, etc..

Eileen is an active educator and blogger writing articles about her passions – parenting, diversity and technology, for major online and print media. She is a parent columnist for NY Resident magazine. She is also on the board of Kapi’olani Medical Center for women and children, and Assets School in Honolulu, a school for gifted students who learn in different ways than mainstream students.

Eileen Wacker graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a finance degree and attended Harvard Business School for her MBA. She worked for General Electric for ten years in several countries. She is married with four children aged 8-13 and resides in Honolulu with her family. She is in the car driving her kids around for about four hours each day. They have a feisty dog named Buster Brown who always runs away to visit the neighbor’s chihauhau. So life stays interesting.